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#   Pos  Name Age1 Nat  joined previous club
G Johan á Myruni FRO
G Remigius Mikotionis LTU
D Eydfinn Fjallsbak FRO
D Emil Hentze FRO
D Hedin Joensen FRO
D Jack Johansen FRO
D Darius Magdisaukas LTU
D Hannus Olsen FRO
D Poul Kjartan Thomsen FRO
D Zilvanius Zudis LTU
M Tór Ingar Akelson FRO
M Rimvadis Bakus LTU
M Eydfinn Davidsen FRO
M Sjúrdur Ellefsen FRO
M Páll F. Joensen FRO
M Jóhannes Olsen FRO
M Rúni Olsen FRO
M Albert Ari Thomassen FRO
F Birgir Joensen FRO
F John Johansen FRO
F Sonni Johansen FRO
F Jónsvein Olsen FRO
F Kim Poulsen FRO
1 Age as of 1999-12-31; today's birthdays in bold